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Applied Innovation offers solutions designed to increase the bottom-line of receivables management organizations. Client and consumer facing software solutions allow you to take control of your business processes through automation and increased efficiencies. Accelerate sales, and receivables, reduce expenses and improve compliance with data access, communication, reporting, and payment portals.

How do you ensure remote collectors are working effectively, view their desktops in real-time to audit activity, and whitelist IP addresses to protect unauthorized data access? With BEAM of course!


Maxyfi is a cloud based collection software/CRM specializing in third-party debt collection. Unlike existing systems, we offer an all-encompassing solution, bridging the gaps left by conventional systems. Our state-of-the-art technology integrates omni-channel communication and AI-powered digital capabilities. Traditional agencies often rely on a patchwork of subsystems, leading to inefficiencies, increased costs, and compromised data integrity. Maxyfi's innovative approach empowers agencies to effectively engage with debtors while offering them digital and AI-driven tools to resolve their outstanding debts independently. We Offer 60 Days No Commitment FREE Trial for FCA Members and we also provide them a dedicated support manager to take care of Training & Support Activities.


REPAY is a payment technology and processing provider that offers card and ACH processing, a consumer-facing mobile app, and online bill pay with web, text, and IVR capabilities.


TRAKAmerica is a sophisticated accounts receivable management organization providing flexible servicing options for clients looking for full-scale recovery solutions. Our focus is on maximizing client value while maintaining the highest levels of control and compliance by employing strategic management solutions, advanced modeling, comprehensive analysis and hands-on data management techniques.

TRGT Legal is a nationwide process serving firm located in the Tampa Bay area, we provide service of process for collections, foreclosures, and all other non-enforceable service of process. We also offer investigative services in Florida to include skip tracing, surveillance, interviews and locating individuals.
VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail delivers a voice message directly to the consumer’s voicemail box without calling the phone. Immediately increase right party contacts, dollars collected, and liquidation rates. Agencies using VoApps deliver thousands of voicemails in a matter of minutes. This creates availability for collection agents to field the influx of inbound phone calls responding to DirectDrop Voicemails.