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Hear it from our members on the value of membership:

"Having worked for various agencies throughout my career and having always been a member of the FCA, I personally know the value of membership is worth it if you can prevent a single lawsuit threat per year. When you realize that many agencies get hit with two or more lawsuits filed per year, knowing how to prevent many others from ever being filed in the first place by employing a strong compliance management system is only made possible by access to educational resources and a network of peers that experience the same challenges you face in the same geographic region. The FCA hosts two conferences per year. The annual conference is always heavy on education in  compliance, litigation trends and legislative happenings not only in Florida but across the nation. The other conference is held in Tallahassee in conjunction with the state legislative session beginning and we meet with our lobbyists and members of the Office of Financial Regulation along with members of the Florida House and Senate.Matt K., The Preferred Group of Tampa

"As a small agency owner and representative of 47% of ACA members, my participation in FCA has improved compliance and regulatory knowledge.  It has also given me the opportunity to introduce new technologies increasing right party contacts and reducing operating costs.  The friendships and networking becomes the icing on the cake."   Melissa N., West Palm Beach, FL 
"We have been a sponsor at FCA now for 2 years and it is some of the best marketing dollars we spend. The main components as a sponsor that we have been impressed with have been the education and networking opportunities that exist with the group. Whether it has been in class settings, vendor exhibit receptions, or even amazing meals water side, the focus by the members on helping each other grow their businesses, it is what keeps us coming back!"   Scott Wittosch, Payment Vision

The Membership process
Agency owners:  You start your FCA membership process by becoming an ACA member first then adding on the Florida unit membership.   All applications/transactions take place at the ACA headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. 

Vendors: Members that provide services to the collection industry and not involved in 3rd party collections, are not required to join ACA before joining FCA.  Please complete this application and submit payment for $600 for a yearly membership.

We understand, managing a successful accounts receivable management business takes gumption, determination and top resources to help keep recovery rates up and compliance concerns down. Find your ACA member type and apply today.

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If none of these categories describe you, please contact ACA regarding your role within the accounts receivable management industry. Member Services can be reached at memberservices@acainternational.org or (952) 259-4206.

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